Volkshilfe Vienna: .A.S.A. Dress creates "Added Value"

To be well dressed, doesn't have to be expensive: second-hand-clothing has already discarded the image of smelly used goods a long time ago. The FCC Environment CEE supports the "addes-value-shop" of Volkshilfe with its brand clothing ".A.S.A. Dress" of selected brand clothing and accessoiries. The shop is located in the 22nd district of Vienna, in Obachgasse 6 and opened its gates in June 2016.

Volkshilfe was founded as charitable, non-party and non-confession organisation in 1947. It is one of the biggest social economical employment businesses in Vienna. At the beginning of 2016, the Volkhilfe SÖB was founded through merger of the former Volkshilfe projects "Würfel", "Kommuna", "Merit" and "ProServ". The sponsoring association is Volkshilfe employment.