.A.S.A. Dress Premium Quality


.A.S.A. Dress Premium Quality stands for fashionable nearly new, partly unworn brand clothing, shoes and accessories such as belts, bags and scarves. The know-how on current fashion trends and specially trained employees enable us to react quickly to tendency changes and give us the possibility to provide our customers the requested top fashion clothing as premium goods.
We deliver premium goods according to seasonal requests (spring/summer and autumn/winter clothing), special order demands such as DOB (womens clothing), HAKA (mens clothing), KOB (childrens clothing) and the requested product groups (such as W-pants, M-shirts) ready-for-sale directly to your shop. Your employees simply price the products and bring them directly to sale.
The clothing is cleaned professionally in a separate laundry and ironed by hand, straightened and smells fresh. After the concluding quality control the high quality clothing goods are labelled, folded and assembled ready-for-sale.

Our DOB range of products includes: W-Trousers, W-Skirts, W-Blouses, W-T-Shirts, W-Tops, W-Sweaters, W-Vests, W-Dresses, W-Blazer, W-Coats, W-Parkas, W-Scarfs, W-Shawls, W-Shoes, W-Bags, W-Headdresses

Our HAKA range of products includes: M-Trousers, M-Shirts, M-T-Shirts, M-Tops, M-Sweaters, M-Vests, M-Suits, M-Jackets, M-Coats, M-Parkas, M-Scarfs, M-Shawls, M-Shoes, M-Bags, M-Headdresses

Our KOB range of products includes: K-Trousers, K-Skirts, K-Shirts, K-Blouses, K-T-Shirts, K-Tops, K-Sweaters, K-Vests, K-Suits, K-Dresses, K-Jackets, K-Blazer, K-Coats, K-Parkas, K-Scarfs, K-Shawls, K-Shoes, K-Bags, K-Headdresses

Our seasonal range of products includes a wide selection of stylish outfits for the first days of sun up to light and airy clothing for the hot summer time.

Our seasonal range of products includes a wide selection of stylish outfits for the first autumn days up to weather-proof and warming clothing for the cold winter time.