Carla Caritas Vienna: Local Tradition for a good purpose

“carla” are the second hand shops of Caritas Vienna. In the three Viennese carla shops (carla Mittersteig, carla Nord and carla Ankerbrotfabrik) searchers can find on 8,000m² from clothing, furnishing objects and antiques to cars (almost) everything.
For the first time a traditional folk costume campaign took place on the occasion of the Octoberfest in two Viennese carla shops. For admirer of traditional folk clothing high-class “Dirndl”, “Lederhosen”, folk costume shoes and much more were offered. .A.S.A. Abfall Service contributed nearly new second hand traditional folk costumes from the product line .A.S.A. Dress Premium Quality and delivered the clothing ready-for-sale to the second hand shops of Caritas. The revenues from the traditional folk costume sales support a good purpose and are going to charitable projects.